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Added value of rapid culture for diagnosis of smear-negative TB suspects in high HIV prevalence setting?

  • 2009/01/01
  • 2012/01/01
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  • Maryline bonnet
  • Kenya
  • VIH
  • Tuberculose
  • MSF France

treatment initiation of a smear-negative diagnostic algorithm without and with TLA, using Lowenstein Jensen (LJ) culture, as reference standard. We conducted a prospective cohort study of smear-negative TB suspects. Clinical examination, chest X-ray, TLA and LJ cultures were performed at 1st consultation. Patients not started on TB treatment received a 5 days amoxicillin course and were re-assessed clinically and microscopically. Non TB-treated patients with positive culture were traced to be started on treatment. Because TLA required 15 days to be positive, sensitivity, specificity and predictive values of the algorithm without and with TLA were measured in same patients. Factors associated with inadequate treatment were assessed for the algorithm without TLA. Results will be soon avalaible.