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Burden of disease

Disease burden is the impact of a health problem, which may be measure in terms of

  • financial cost  
  • mortality
  • morbidity
  • other pertinent indicators 


Knowing the disease burden is essential to guide intervention activities. Although our knowledge of the burden of disease is improving globally, in the contexts where MSF works, this information is often missing.

One of the principle axes of research in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health  is to provide information on the key causes of morbidity and mortality in areas where this information lacks.

This may include research documenting morbidity and mortality at specific points in time longitudinally. The results of this work help to orient MSF programs and document the ongoing weight of diseases in vulnerable populations.

Our main areas of interest are in

  • diarrheal diseases
  • measles and other vaccine preventable infections
  • mental Health disorders
  • nutrition