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Niger Research Base

Medical research at the heart of sanitary responses

The sanitary situation in Sub-Saharan Africa remains a major preoccupation for both governments and international institutions.

In Niger, infectious diseases and malnutrition of young children are the principle causes of mortality. Research is supplying data for ambitious programs to face this problem.

The Niger base, a structure offering proximity

After 7 years of presence in Niger, Epicentre created the research base in 2009.

It includes the infrastructure necessary for the logistics of studies and data analysis as well as a medical biology laboratory located in the regional hospital of Maradi. Doctors, epidemiologists, biologists and data managers work on site in close collaboration with:

  • the teams at Médecins sans frontières
  • the Ministry of Public Health
  • the World Health Organization

and other international organizations.


The areas of action are :

  • investigation of epidemics 
  • implementation and assessment of alert and monitoring systems 
  • prevalence surveys 
  • measurement of the coverage and impact of medical programs

Adapted responses

Through studies conducted in populations or care centres, Epicentre provides concrete and adapted responses for better preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic medical care. Epicentre concentrates its efforts on diarrheal diseases, malnutrition and malaria. The results obtained contribute to the improved pertinence and quality of health care programs.


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