About Us

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In brief

Created in 1986 by doctors from MSF, Epicentre is a non profit association. MSF-France holds the majority of votes on its Board of Administration.


Epicentre has a two-fold mission:

  • Research : contributing to the design and promotion of original operational medical projects in MSF intervention settings, or similar environments;
  • Training : supporting MSF teams in conducting operational response.


They are focused on :

  • The most frequent diseases: malaria, tuberculosis, HIV infection, children malnutrition,
  • Diseases with epidemic potential: cholera, meningitis, measles, hemorrhagic fevers (yellow fever, Ebola, Marburg) ,
  • Others: Buruli ulcer, psychological care, sleeping sickness.

The expertise at Epicentre is put into action through various programs such as the investigation of epidemics, monitoring, mortality estimates, vaccination campaigns, etc...


Three research departments, assisted by a Support Department:

Epicentre has a staff of around 40-people working in Europe (Paris, Geneva and Brussels) and 150 in Africa (Uganda and Niger).


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