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Training at Epicentre

Epicentre develops and delivers training programs on field epidemiology, primarily directed to MSF personnel and sometimes to the staff of other NGOs.

These programs contribute to higher quality field work.


Training topics

  • Basic notions of epidemiology (tools and methods)

  • Enquiries (nutritional, vaccines, mortality)

  • Rapid assessment in emergency situations and definition of health priorities

  • Investigation and response to epidemics

  • Epidemiological monitoring

  • Train the trainers

  • User training on FUCHIA/Epitryps softwares created by Epicentre



Training takes place in Europe and in MSF intervention fields.


A few examples

  • Populations in Vulnerable Situations (PSP) – 12 days
    Objective: to prepare MSF personnel to respond to emergency humanitarian situations.
    Download objectives

  • Response to Epidemics – 5 days
    Objective: to provide information (current data and future outlooks) and tools enabling participants to be vigilant and reactive when facing diseases with epidemic potential.
    Download objectives

  • Train the trainer – 8 days
    Objective: to provide the personnel with a methodology to train adults and to develop their trainer skills.
    Download objectives

  • FUCHIA software – 5 days
    Objective: to prepare trainees to use the software to collect and process health data (HIV/AIDS).
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Other options

Epicentre is also able:

  • To provide services in the framework of university curricula (public health, international medicine, tropical medicine, field epidemiology) or training organized by its partners: Institut Pasteur, World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, EPIET, etc...

  • To receive trainees from the European Training Program for Field Epidemiology (EPIET) and interns in Public Health

  • To provide experts, to supply pedagogical and/or administrative support for MSF training courses.