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National survey on the prevalence of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance in the Kingdom of Swaziland

  • 2010/01/01
Type de publication
  • Posters
  • Sanchez-Padilla E
  • Dlamini T
  • Tefera ZD
  • Ascorra A
  • Rüsch-Gerdes S
  • Calain P
  • De La Tour R
  • Jochims F
  • Bonnet M
  • Tuberculose

The objectives of the study were to measure the prevalence of MDR TB among new cases (NC) and previously treated cases (PTC) and to describe the prevalence of resistance to first and second line drugs (among MDR-TB patients) in order to revise current treatment guidelines if needed. Additionally, we looked at potential factors associated with MDR-TB.