Journée Scientifique


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Posters Journée Scientifique 2017

  1. Lower retention in care when ART are initiated with CD4≥500 cells /ml. Isabelle Andrieux-Meyer
  2. Knowledge of viral load and treatment failure amongst patients on second-line and third-line antiretroviral therapy regimens. A mixed methods study in MSF programmes in Malawi, Kenya and Mozambique. Rose Burns 
  3. Outcomes and side effects of patients on art for more than 10 years in Malawi. Sekai Mathabire
  4. Viral load monitoring with SAMBA1, a semi quantitative nearly point-of-care method in Arua, a rural district in Uganda. Sarala Nicholas
  5. Impact of expanded screening and POC on infant diagnosis and ART initiation. Alliance Nikuze
  6. HIV incidence, cascade and testing among mothers in Western Kenya. Alliance Nikuze
  7. Low HCV prevalence among HIV+ individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa. Anne Loarec
  8. Hepatitis C treatment in a primary care clinic in the high HCV burden setting in Karachi, Pakistan. Dmytro Donchuk
  9. High fatality in low weight children related to supratherapeutic doses of paracetamol in countries with unrestricted access to medication. Mohamad Haidar