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Wednesday 13 February 2019 - Updated on Monday 22 June 2020
Our activities in charts and graphs
Field epidemiology,
program support and
research projects
run by Epicentre every year.
Communicable diseases.
This concerns HIV, tuberculosis and cholera principally, but also includes the scope of infectious diseases.
Non-communicable diseases.
Essentially pediatric and nutritional projects, but also maternal health, mental health, snakebite, and sexual violence.
Other type of projects.
These are: health status surveys (mortality, vaccination coverage, malnutrition prevalence) or projects related to multiple topics.


In recent years Epicentre has had between 200 and 250 active projects annually. These projects can be as short as a few weeks, frequently in response to emergencies, or long, even running into several years, most commonly for research projects. 

The activities principally cover field epidemiology, program support, research, and training. 

In terms of topics covered around 65 percent are concerned with communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases is typically between 10-15 percent. The remainder are project activities concerning health status or multiple facets.

Africa is the centre of gravity of activities, but Epicentre is also active in Asia, Europe, Pacific, and Haiti.

With these interactive maps and graphs you can explore Epicentre activities, topics, and geographical distribution.

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Map of active projects by country and activity

The map below shows the countries where Epicentre is active and the type of work Epicentre is doing there.
By hovering over the map you can see the number and type of projects in each country.

Active projects by activity and topic

By choosing in the left bottom corner a type of activity (Ctrl + Click for multiselection) you can filter the activities.
By clicking on a section of the chart information is provided on the pathologies or issues in the different categories.