Precariousness, in all its aspects, makes populations more unequal in the face of the virus

Friday 9 October 2020
Covid-19 Precariousness Ile-de-France Study Interview
The publication of a study by Médecins Sans Frontières once again questions the inequalities of populations faced with the virus. According to this survey carried out at the end of June, migrants and the most precarious were particularly exposed.
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Interview with Thomas Roederer, France 2 / magazine de la santé 7 octobre 2020

Thomas Roederer is an epidemiologist at Epicentre, the epidemiology center hosted by Médecins Sans Frontières. The NGO has just published a survey, the first of its kind in France, which highlights the high exposure of migrants and the most precarious to coronavirus.

Intervention plateau (from 9'19) : les personnes précaires, premières victimes de la Covid.

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