Complex interactions between malaria and malnutrition: a systematic literature review.


BACKGROUND: Despite substantial improvement in the control of malaria and decreased prevalence of malnutrition over the past two decades, both conditions remain heavy burdens that cause hundreds of thousands of deaths in children in re

Authors: Das D Grais RF Okiro EA Stepniewska K Mansoor R van der Kam S Terlouw DJ Tarning J Barnes KI Guerin PJ
Journal Reference: BMC medicine 2018 10 29; 16(1); 186. doi: 10.1186/s12916-018-1177-5. Epub 2018 10 29
Anthropometry Malaria Stunting Underweight Wasting

The 'indirect costs' of underfunding foreign partners in global health research: A case study.


This study of a global health research partnership assesses how U.S. fiscal administrative policies impact capacity building at foreign partner institutions.

Authors: Crane JT Andia Biraro I Fouad TM Boum Y R Bangsberg D
Journal Reference: Global public health 2018 Oct ; 13(10); 1422-1429. doi: 10.1080/17441692.2017.1372504. Epub 2017 09 16
Global health capacity building collaboration inequality partnership

A life in waiting: Refugees' mental health and narratives of social suffering after European Union border closures in March 2016.


RATIONALE: In 2015, an estimated 856,723 refugees, predominantly from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq arrived in Greece as an entry point into the European Union.

Authors: Bjertrup PJ Bouhenia M Mayaud P Perrin C Ben Farhat J Blanchet K
Journal Reference: Social science & medicine (1982) 2018 Oct ; 215(); 53-60. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2018.08.040. Epub 2018 08 31
Disruption Greece Mental health Refugee camps Refugees Social suffering Uncertainty “European refugee crisis”

HIV-1 drug resistance testing at second-line regimen failure in Arua, Uganda: avoiding unnecessary switch to an empiric third-line.


OBJECTIVES: The number of patients on second-line antiretroviral therapy is growing, but data on HIV drug resistance patterns at failure in resource-constrained settings are scarce.

Authors: Fily F Ayikobua E Ssemwanga D Nicholas S Kaleebu P Delaugerre C Pasquier E Amoros Quiles I Balkan S Schramm B
Journal Reference: Tropical medicine & international health : TM & IH 2018 Oct ; 23(10); 1075-1083. doi: 10.1111/tmi.13131. Epub 2018 10 02
HIV-1 Ouganda Uganda VIH-1 drug resistance résistance aux médicaments second-line antiretroviral therapy traitement antirétroviral de seconde ligne

Determinants of dietary practices during pregnancy: A longitudinal qualitative study in Niger.


Undernutrition is associated with maternal morbidity and poor pregnancy outcomes. This qualitative study seeks to understand the multilevel factors influencing maternal dietary practices in Niger, including the impact of pregnancy illnesses on diet.

Authors: Rosen JG Clermont A Kodish SR Matar Seck A Salifou A Grais RF Isanaka S
Journal Reference: Maternal & child nutrition 2018 10 ; 14(4); e12629. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12629. Epub 2018 06 28
Niger diet maternal nutrition nutrition during pregnancy pregnancy outcomes qualitative research

MUAC as the sole discharge criterion from community-based management of severe acute malnutrition in Burkina Faso.


The use of mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) measurement to screen and determine eligibility for admission to therapeutic feeding programs has been established, but evidence and programmatic experience to inform guidance on the use of MUAC as a discha

Authors: Isanaka S Hanson KE Frison S Andersen CT Cohuet S Grais RF
Journal Reference: Maternal & child nutrition 2018 Sep 08; (); e12688. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12688. Epub 2018 09 08
Burkina Faso community-based management of acute malnutrition discharge mid upper arm circumference proportional weight gain severe acute malnutrition

Treatment correlates of successful outcomes in pulmonary multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: an individual patient data meta-analysis.


BACKGROUND: Treatment outcomes for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis remain poor.

Authors: Ahmad N Ahuja SD Akkerman OW Alffenaar JC Anderson LF Baghaei P Bang D Barry PM Bastos ML Behera D Benedetti A Bisson GP Boeree MJ Bonnet M Brode SK Brust JCM Cai Y Caumes E Cegielski JP Centis R Chan PC Chan ED Chang KC Charles M Cirule A Dalcolmo MP D'Ambrosio L de Vries G Dheda K Esmail A Flood J Fox GJ Fréchet-Jachym M Fregona G Gayoso R Gegia M Gler MT Gu S Guglielmetti L Holtz TH Hughes J Isaakidis P Jarlsberg L Kempker RR Keshavjee S Khan FA Kipiani M Koenig SP Koh WJ Kritski A Kuksa L Kvasnovsky CL Kwak N Lan Z Lange C Laniado-Laborín R Lee M Leimane V Leung CC Leung EC Li PZ Lowenthal P Maciel EL Marks SM Mase S Mbuagbaw L Migliori GB Milanov V Miller AC Mitnick CD Modongo C Mohr E Monedero I Nahid P Ndjeka N O'Donnell MR Padayatchi N Palmero D Pape JW Podewils LJ Reynolds I Riekstina V Robert J Rodriguez M Seaworth B Seung KJ Schnippel K Shim TS Singla R Smith SE Sotgiu G Sukhbaatar G Tabarsi P Tiberi S Trajman A Trieu L Udwadia ZF van der Werf TS Veziris N Viiklepp P Vilbrun SC Walsh K Westenhouse J Yew WW Yim JJ Zetola NM Zignol M Menzies D
Journal Reference: Lancet (London, England) 2018 09 08; 392(10150); 821-834. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)31644-1. Epub 2018 10 22

Outbreak of Pneumococcal Meningitis, Paoua Subprefecture, Central African Republic, 2016-2017.


We report a pneumococcal meningitis outbreak in the Central African Republic (251 suspected cases; 60 confirmed by latex agglutination test) in 2016-2017. Case-fatality rates (10% for confirmed case-patients) were low.

Authors: Coldiron ME Touré O Frank T Bouygues N Grais RF
Journal Reference: Emerging infectious diseases 2018 09 ; 24(9); 1720-1722. doi: 10.3201/eid2409.171058. Epub 2019 01 18
Central African Republic Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria meningitis meningitis/encephalitis outbreak pneumococcal meningitis pneumococcal vaccines