Annual Report 2023

Wednesday 15 May 2024 - Updated on Monday 27 May 2024
In our annual report, discover a retrospective of the year 2023: highlights, achievements and key figures. Explore our landmark projects and their tangible impact.

Epicentre remains a unique place where the problems faced by MSF's medical teams are transformed into research questions. The achievements of 2023 are a perfect illustration of this ability to work hand in hand with MSF to support programmes, guide decisions, fuel advocacy, improve knowledge of diseases and train staff and new field epidemiologists.

The research centres in Niger and Uganda provide the essential infrastructure for a wide range of projects, while ensuring Epicentre's strong regional positioning and links with local institutions. The development of these centres over the last few years bears witness to their maturity and their ability to take on increasingly ambitious initiatives. They are the pillars on which we can build as we continue to expand our presence in Africa.

Our dual roots in research and operations are also an asset for strengthening strategic partnerships with the academic, medical and research communities in the countries and regions where we are present, collaborating with local health authorities and other stakeholders, and serving as a platform to other institutions.

Our dual focus on research and training strengthens the ability of MSF field teams to work with epidemiological data and to question their practice. The FETCH training course fits perfectly into this dynamic.

Throughout the year, Epicentre pursued its mission of improving access to quality healthcare for people living in precarious situations. This mission guides all our actions, and our projects are designed from the outset with a view to their practical implementation on the ground. The 2023 report takes stock of some of our flagship projects and those that will be completed in 2023.

To reinforce this mission, Epicentre has set itself objectives for the coming years such as expanding and diversifying our areas of expertise, consolidating our position, particularly within MSF, strengthening our regional roots and the impact of our studies, while remaining open to development opportunities.

Who we are?

Epicentre, an MSF Satellite dedicated to epidemiology and research

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Epicentre is a non-profit organization created by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in 1986 to provide epidemiological expertise in e...