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Thursday 14 February 2019 - Updated on Friday 29 December 2023
Collaborating allows us to strengthen our expertise but also to explore new medical and scientific fields, such as the late-stage development of vaccines or treatments relevant to MSF medical teams.
Partnerships facilitate the application of advances and their transfer to beneficiary populations. They can take many forms, ranging from informal consultations to networking and even the leadership of a multi-country, multi-partner consortium. This cross-fertilization and the resulting enrichment ensure that we can respond quickly to the needs of patients and populations in our areas of intervention.
Listed below are the organisations Epicentre has partnered.

Guidance for Indirect Cost Rates and Fringe Benefits Rates

For sponsored projects other than those of Médecins Sans Frontieres, use the sponsor's maximum rate if stated in their policies. If the sponsor's rates are less than those of MSF, include space and administrative costs in the direct cost budget if allowed.

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Organisation and Funding

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Research Center Niger

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Coronavirus, Tribune Eboko, in the Journal Le Monde

Research Center Uganda

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Dan Nyehangane et son équipe dans le centre de Mbarara