Methodological issues of retrospective surveys for measuring mortality of highly clustered diseases: case study of the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak in Bo District, Sierra Leone.


BACKGROUND: There is a lack of empirical data on design effects (DEFF) for mortality rate for highly clustered data such as with Ebola virus disease (EVD), along with a lack of documentation of methodological limitations and operationa

Caleo G Lokuge K Kardamanidis K Greig J Belava J Kilbride E Sayui Turay A Saffa G Kremer R Grandesso F Danis K Sprecher A Luca Di Tanna G Baker H Weiss HA
Global health action 2024 Dec 31; 17(1); . doi: 10.1080/16549716.2024.2331291. Epub 2024 04 26
Ebola virus disease cluster surveys design effects highly-clustered data mortality

Sputum culture reversion in longer treatments with bedaquiline, delamanid, and repurposed drugs for drug-resistant tuberculosis.


Sputum culture reversion after conversion is an indicator of tuberculosis (TB) treatment failure.

Kho S Seung KJ Huerga H Bastard M Khan PY Mitnick CD Rich ML Islam S Zhizhilashvili D Yeghiazaryan L Nikolenko EN Zarli K Adnan S Salahuddin N Ahmed S Vargas ZHR Bekele A Shaimerdenova A Tamirat M Gelin A Vilbrun SC Hewison C Khan U Franke M
Nature communications 2024 May 09; 15(1); . doi: 10.1038/s41467-024-48077-8. Epub 2024 05 09

The genetic diversity of Nipah virus across spatial scales.


BACKGROUND: Nipah virus (NiV), a highly lethal virus in humans, circulates in Pteropus bats throughout South and Southeast Asia. Difficulty in obtaining viral genomes from bats means we have a poor understanding of NiV diversity.

Cortes-Azuero O Lefrancq N Nikolay B McKee C Cappelle J Hul V Ou TP Hoem T Lemey P Rahman MZ Islam A Gurley ES Duong V Salje H
The Journal of infectious diseases 2024 Apr 29; . doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiae221. Epub 2024 04 29
Nipah virus Pteropus bats disease modelling emerging pathogens phylogenetics

Integration of HIV Testing in a Community Intervention for Tuberculosis Screening Among Household Contacts of Patients with Tuberculosis in Cameroon and Uganda.


INTRODUCTION: People living with HIV are considered at higher risk of developing severe forms of tuberculosis (TB) disease. Providing HIV testing to TB-exposed people is therefore critical.

Youngui BT Atwine D Otai D Vasiliu A Ssekyanzi B Sih C Kana R Arinaitwe R Cuer B Simo L Okello R Tchendjou P Casenghi M Kuate AK Turyahabwe S Cohn J Bonnet M Tchounga BK
Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999) 2024 Apr 15; 95(5); . doi: 10.1097/QAI.0000000000003379. Epub 2024 03 11

Cost-effectiveness and budget impact of decentralising childhood tuberculosis diagnosis in six high tuberculosis incidence countries: a mathematical modelling study.


BACKGROUND: The burden of childhood tuberculosis remains high globally, largely due to under-diagnosis.

d'Elbée M Harker M Mafirakureva N Nanfuka M Huyen Ton Nu Nguyet M Taguebue JV Moh R Khosa C Mustapha A Mwanga-Amumpere J Borand L Nolna SK Komena E Cumbe S Mugisha J Natukunda N Mao TE Wittwer J Bénard A Bernard T Sohn H Bonnet M Wobudeya E Marcy O Dodd PJ
EClinicalMedicine 2024 Apr ; 70; . doi: 10.1016/j.eclinm.2024.102528. Epub 2024 03 21
Decentralisation Diagnosis Economic evaluation Low- and middle-income countries Paediatric tuberculosis

Effect of decentralising childhood tuberculosis diagnosis to primary health centre versus district hospital levels on disease detection in children from six high tuberculosis incidence countries: an operational research, pre-post intervention study.


BACKGROUND: Childhood tuberculosis (TB) remains underdiagnosed largely because of limited awareness and poor access to all or any of specimen collection, molecular testing, clinical evaluation, and chest radiography at low levels of ca

Wobudeya E Nanfuka M Ton Nu Nguyet MH Taguebue JV Moh R Breton G Khosa C Borand L Mwanga-Amumpaire J Mustapha A Nolna SK Komena E Mugisha JR Natukunda N Dim B de Lauzanne A Cumbe S Balestre E Poublan J Lounnas M Ngu E Joshi B Norval PY Terquiem EL Turyahabwe S Foray L Sidibé S Albert KK Manhiça I Sekadde M Detjen A Verkuijl S Mao TE Orne-Gliemann J Bonnet M Marcy O
EClinicalMedicine 2024 Apr ; 70; . doi: 10.1016/j.eclinm.2024.102527. Epub 2024 03 21
Child Decentralisation Diagnosis Tuberculosis

Perceptions, attitudes, and willingness of healthcare and frontline workers to participate in an Ebola vaccine trial in Uganda.


BACKGROUND: Understanding the knowledge, perception and attitudes towards Ebola vaccines is an important factor in ensuring future use of these vaccines.

Kimbugwe G Vatrinet R Mwanga JA Kakuru R Mpeirwe D Logoose S Opio K Kambale M Seeley J Grais RF Marquer C Kaleebu P Ssali A
Vaccine 2024 Apr 01; . doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2024.03.053. Epub 2024 04 01
Acceptability Ebola Frontline Healthcare Outbreak Perception Vaccine Willingness Workers

Antibiotic susceptibility patterns at the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Acute Trauma Hospital in Aden, Yemen: a retrospective study from January 2018 to June 2021.


BACKGROUND: Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an urgent global health concern, especially in countries facing instability or conflicts, with compromised healthcare systems.

Almehdar H Yousef N van den Boogaard W Haider A Kanapathipillai R Al-Hodiani E Zelikova E Moh'd WG Michel J Malaeb R
JAC-antimicrobial resistance 2024 Apr ; 6(2); . doi: 10.1093/jacamr/dlae024. Epub 2024 03 05