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Thursday 21 March 2019 - Updated on Tuesday 2 January 2024
Learn about the areas of expertise Epicentre's epidemiologists and researchers are working on and what they have already accomplished to improve knowledge and access to care for populations experiencing conflict, epidemics, disasters, or where access to care is inadequate or non-existent.


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Sputum sample analysis

Antibiotic resistance

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Testing  antibiotic resistance


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Rotavirus vaccine clinical trial

Nutritional diseases

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Infant weighing in Chad

Abortion complications

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Amoco Avortement

Population health assesments

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Slum in Haiti

Mental health

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Fylakio Reception and Identification centre - Greece


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Venemous green snake

Yellow Fever

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Yellow Fever Vaccination campaign DRC

Visceral Leishmaniasis

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Mobile worker Abdurafi, Ethiopia

Human African Trypanosomiasis

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19-year old Emmanuel, from the village of Sukadi, in northern DRC, recovers from a lumbar puncture and waits to be treated for the first stage of sleeping sickness.

Buruli ulcer

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Buruli ulcer awareness campaign in Cameroon.

Psychological distress in young children

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Santé mentale Nigéria

Hepatitis E

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Hepatite E Soudan du Sud

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