Medical Conference Niger 2020

Tuesday 7 January 2020
Medical conference Niamey Niger Meningitis Malaria Malnutrition Epicentre Research center
Seminar on January 21, 2020 in Niamey entitled: Response to medical challenges in Niger and the Sahel: Meningitis, Malaria, and Malnutrition
Medical Conference 2020 Niamey
Corps éditorial


Bring together experts and key stakeholders in an interactive discussion on key medical and public health policy challenges for Niger and the Sahel. 

Provide participants with:

  • An update on state-of-the-art medical research and product development
  • An overview of public health policy debates 
  • Networking opportunities

Encourage dialogue between practitioners and researchers from different fields.

Medical conference 2020

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Medical Conference 2020 Niamey