Anton Camacho

Anton Camacho

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Head of Data Science team that develops tools to better collect, analyse and communicate data in real time during epidemics (e.g. Ebola, COVID-19).
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Anton Camacho has a background in bioinformatics engineering and a PhD in Infectious Disease Modelling. He joined Epicentre in 2016 et has lead the Data Science team created in 2019.
His work and that of his team focus on developing new tools and efficient workflows for data collection, management, analysis and reporting during outbreak responses as well as for research studies in resource-limited settings. These tools help in the decision-making process at MSF. The team is also involved in several epidemiological studies and clinical trials.

More broadly, he is interested in interdisciplinary research, combining mathematics, epidemiology and computer science to address public health issues.

A prospective, multi-site, cohort study to estimate incidence of infection and disease due to Lassa fever virus in West African countries (the Enable Lassa research programme)-Study protocol.

Journal Reference: PloS one 2023 ; 18(3); . doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0283643. Epub 2023 03 30

Protocol for a phase 3 trial to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a heterologous, two-dose vaccine for Ebola virus disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Estimation of Rift Valley fever virus spillover to humans during the Mayotte 2018-2019 epidemic.

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Assessing the performance of real-time epidemic forecasts: A case study of Ebola in the Western Area region of Sierra Leone, 2014-15.

Journal Reference: PLoS computational biology 2019 Feb 11; 15(2); e1006785. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1006785. Epub 2019 02 11

Control of Ebola virus disease outbreaks: Comparison of health care worker-targeted and community vaccination strategies.

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Cholera epidemic in Yemen, 2016-18: an analysis of surveillance data.

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A dynamic model of transmission and elimination of peste des petits ruminants in Ethiopia.

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Near real-time forecasting for cholera decision making in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.

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The impact of control strategies and behavioural changes on the elimination of Ebola from Lofa County, Liberia.

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Efficacy and effectiveness of an rVSV-vectored vaccine in preventing Ebola virus disease: final results from the Guinea ring vaccination, open-label, cluster-randomised trial (Ebola Ça Suffit!).

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Evaluation of the benefits and risks of introducing Ebola community care centers, Sierra Leone.

Journal Reference: Emerging infectious diseases 2015 Mar ; 21(3); 393-9. doi: 10.3201/eid2103.141892. Epub 2015 10 09
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