Evaluating lactate prognostic value in children suspected of acetaminophen-induced liver failure in Liberia.

Authors: Haidar MK Morton N Roederer T Mayronne S Bawo L Kerkula J Porten K Baud FJ
Journal Reference: Pediatric research 2020 Jan 29; (); Array. doi: 10.1038/s41390-020-0783-z. Epub 2020 01 29


BACKGROUND: The prognostic significance of hyperlactatemia in young children with liver injury suspected to be attributed to repeated supratherapeutic doses of acetaminophen remain understudied.

METHODS: We conducted a retrospective medical chart review including children aged

RESULTS: We analyzed 95 children with liver injury in whom a blood lactate measurement on admission was available. Eighty children (84%) were aged

CONCLUSION: In this setting, young children with ALF possibly attributed to acetaminophen toxicity were unlikely to survive if the venous blood lactate concentration exceeded 7.2 mmol/L.