Epicentre's research department is now Research Fairness Initiative certified

Tuesday 25 October 2022
The Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) is aiming to tackle the inequities in health research that adversely affect low-middle income countries.
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Research is not free of inequalities. Equitable partnerships in research and innovation are an essential part of socio-economic and sustainable development. To improve the equity of partnerships and the development of new collaborations, COHRED, the Council on Health Research for Development, has created the RFI Platform. This initiative aims to address inequities in global health partnerships.

 It therefore provides organizations with a learning tool, designed to help them assess their current partnerships, and develop strategies to become more equitable partners over time. The RFI platform reports on policies and practices on 15 topics related to fairness of opportunity, a fair process which is the research process itself, and fairness sharing of benefits, outcomes and costs.

In October, the Research Department became RFI Certified and a member of the initiative.

“This label perfectly illustrates the approach to research developed by Epicentre," says Céline Langendorf, interim director of the research department. Our projects are designed in accordance with the research priorities of the regions or countries where they take place, with the needs of local communities and in compliance with ethical rules. They involve local authorities or institutions and we recruit and train people to ensure their implementation.

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