Post-vaccination coverage survey of oral cholera vaccine, Maradi, Niger

Tuesday 5 March 2019
Cholera Coverage survey Post-vaccination Niger
A post-vaccination coverage survey was conducted in Maradi, Niger in February 2019.
Niger: districts where the cholera vaccination campaign was organized
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Cholera post-vaccination coverage survey

Epicentre conducted a  vaccination coverage survey among a sample of residents over 12 months of age who were eligible to be vaccinated with the oral cholera vaccine in three health areas of Aguié district.

The survey in a nutshell

Vaccination campaign in Maradi, Niger, 2018.
Vaccination campaign in Maradi, Niger, 2018. The oral cholera vaccine is easy to administer.

In July 2018 the Niger Ministry of Health reported 3,821 cases of cholera and 78 deaths.  A cholera epidemic was declared on 4 July 2018 in the Madarounfa health district which then spread to the Maradi region. Following this outbreak, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and local health authorities organized a vaccination campaign to prevent future outbreaks in the southern region of Maradi,a known known hotspot for cholera along the Niger and Nigeria border.The aim was to vaccinate 145,000 people with an easy-to-administer oral vaccine in three of Maradi’s health zones: Tchadoua, Aguié and Gazaoua.

Epicentre conducted a vaccination coverage survey among a sample of residents over 12 months of age in these three health areas of Aguié district who have benefited from the oral cholera vaccination.