Wealthy Africans should play greater role in funding research

Tuesday 30 April 2019
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Yap Boum argues in Le Monde that wealthy Africans should play greater role in funding researchers working in public health in Africa.
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Article in Le Monde - funding health research for Africa

In an article published by le Monde newspaper on 18 April 2019 Yap Boum, Epicentre’s Africa representative, argues that wealthy Africans should play a greater role in funding public health research in Africa. Funding is often the Achilles heel of research. Currently, many projects are funded by philanthropic institutions in North America and Europe. Although such funding is welcome and necessary, the associated projects are usually led by researchers from those countries. Greater funding from African sources would help African researchers to build up their own capacity and shape the agenda for their own research platforms.

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Le Monde - African billionaires must fund medical research in Africa (FR)

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