Estimating COVID-19 vaccine uptake and its drivers among migrants, homeless and precariously housed people in France.

Roederer T Mollo B Vincent C Leduc G Sayyad-Hilario J Mosnier M Vandentorren S
Communications medicine 2023 Feb 20; 3(1); . doi: 10.1038/s43856-023-00257-1. Epub 2023 02 20
covid-19 vaccine migrants France


BACKGROUND: Migrants, people experiencing homelessness (PEH), or precariously housed (PH) are at high risk for COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19. However, while data on COVID-19 vaccine uptake in these populations are available in the USA, Canada, and Denmark, we are lacking, to the best of our knowledge, data from France.

METHODS: In late 2021, we carried out a cross-sectional survey to determine COVID-19 vaccine coverage in PEH/PH residing in Ile-de-France and Marseille, France, and to explore its drivers. Participants aged over 18 years were interviewed face-to-face where they slept the previous night, in their preferred language, and then stratified for analysis into three housing groups (Streets, Accommodated, and Precariously Housed). Standardized vaccination rates were computed and compared to the French population. Multilevel univariate and multivariable logistic regression models were built.

RESULTS: We find that 76.2% (95% confidence interval [CI] 74.3-78.1) of the 3690 participants received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose while 91.1% of the French population did so. Vaccine uptake varies by stratum, with the highest uptake (85.6%; reference) in PH, followed by Accommodated (75.4%; adjusted odds-ratio = 0.79; 95% CI 0.51-1.09 vs. PH) and lowest in Streets (42.0%; AOR = 0.38; 95%CI 0.25-0.57 vs. PH). Use for vaccine certificate, age, socioeconomic factors, and vaccine hesitancy is associated with vaccination coverage.

CONCLUSIONS: In France, PEH/PH, and especially the most excluded, are less likely than the general population to receive COVID-19 vaccines. While vaccine mandate has proved an effective strategy, targeted outreach, on-site vaccinations, and sensitization activities are strategies enhancing vaccine uptake that can easily be replicated in future campaigns and other settings.

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