Incremental Yield of Including Determine-TB LAM Assay in Diagnostic Algorithms for Hospitalized and Ambulatory HIV-Positive Patients in Kenya.

Huerga H Ferlazzo G Bevilacqua P Kirubi B Ardizzoni E Wanjala S Sitienei J Bonnet M
PloS one 2017 ; 12(1); e0170976. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0170976. Epub 2017 01 26


BACKGROUND: Determine-TB LAM assay is a urine point-of-care test useful for TB diagnosis in HIV-positive patients. We assessed the incremental diagnostic yield of adding LAM to algorithms based on clinical signs, sputum smear-microscopy, chest X-ray and Xpert MTB/RIF in HIV-positive patients with symptoms of pulmonary TB (PTB).

METHODS: Prospective observational cohort of ambulatory (either severely ill or CD4

RESULTS: Among 474 patients included, 44.1% were severely ill, 69.6% had CD4

CONCLUSION: LAM should be included in TB diagnostic algorithms in parallel to microscopy or Xpert request for HIV-positive patients either ambulatory (severely ill or CD4