Risk factors for measles mortality and the importance of decentralized case management during an unusually large measles epidemic in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2013.

Gignoux E Polonsky J Ciglenecki I Bichet M Coldiron M Thuambe Lwiyo E Akonda I Serafini M Porten K
PloS one 2018 ; 13(3); e0194276. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0194276. Epub 2018 03 14


In 2013, a large measles epidemic occurred in the Aketi Health Zone of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We conducted a two-stage, retrospective cluster survey to estimate the attack rate, the case fatality rate, and the measles-specific mortality rate during the epidemic. 1424 households containing 7880 individuals were included. The estimated attack rate was 14.0%, (35.0% among children aged