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Vaccination coverage and adverse events following a reactive vaccination campaign against hepatitis E in Bentiu displaced persons camp, South Sudan.


INTRODUCTION: Hepatitis E (HEV) genotypes 1 and 2 are the common cause of jaundice and acute viral hepatitis that can cause large-scale outbreaks.

Nesbitt RC Asilaza VK Gignoux E Koyuncu A Gitahi P Nkemenang P Duncker J Antier Z Haile M Gakima P Wamala JF Loro FB Biem D Rull M Azman AS Rumunu J Ciglenecki I
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 2024 Jan 22; 18(1); . doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0011661. Epub 2024 01 22

Population Pharmacokinetics of Pediatric Lopinavir/Ritonavir Oral Pellets in Children Living with HIV in Africa.


Antiretroviral therapy for children living with HIV (CLHIV) under 3 years of age commonly includes lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r). However, the original liquid LPV/r formulation has taste and cold storage difficulties.

Chupradit S Wamalwa DC Maleche-Obimbo E Kekitiinwa AR Mwanga-Amumpaire J Bukusi EA Nyandiko WM Mbuthia JK Swanson A Cressey TR Punyawudho B Musiime V
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics 2024 Jan 21; . doi: 10.1002/cpt.3174. Epub 2024 01 21

Adolescents and young adults are the most undiagnosed of HIV and virally unsuppressed in Eastern and Southern Africa: Pooled analyses from five population-based surveys.


Age and gender disparities within the HIV cascade of care are critical to focus interventions efficiently. We assessed gender-age groups at the highest probability of unfavorable outcomes in the HIV cascade in five HIV prevalent settings.

Huerga H Ben Farhat J Maman D Conan N Van Cutsem G Omwoyo W Garone D Ortuno Gutierrez R Apollo T Okomo G Etard JF
PLOS global public health 2023 ; 3(12); . doi: 10.1371/journal.pgph.0002398. Epub 2023 12 22

Genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 reveals highest severity and mortality of delta over other variants: evidence from Cameroon.


While the SARS-CoV-2 dynamic has been described globally, there is a lack of data from Sub-Saharan Africa. We herein report the dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 lineages from March 2020 to March 2022 in Cameroon.

Fokam J Essomba RG Njouom R Okomo MA Eyangoh S Godwe C Tegomoh B Otshudiema JO Nwobegahay J Ndip L Akenji B Takou D Moctar MMM Mbah CK Ndze VN Maidadi-Foudi M Kouanfack C Tonmeu S Ngono D Nkengasong J Ndembi N Bissek AZK Mouangue C Ndongo CB Epée E Mandeng N Kamso Belinga S Ayouba A Fernandez N Tongo M Colizzi V Halle-Ekane GE Perno CF Ndjolo A Ndongmo CB Shang J Esso L de-Tulio O Diagne MM Boum Y Mballa GAE Njock LR
Scientific reports 2023 Dec 08; 13(1); . doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-48773-3. Epub 2023 12 08

Experiences and perceptions of urine sampling for tuberculosis testing among HIV patients: a multisite qualitative descriptive study.


OBJECTIVES: Evidence on the acceptability of urine-based assays for tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis among patients remains limited.

Lissouba P Rücker SCM Otieno LA Akatukwasa C Xulu S Monjane C Akinyi M Okal B Lubega AV Stewart R Bossard C Ohler L Antabak NT Musoke M Muyindike W Huerga H
BMJ open 2023 Nov 30; 13(11); . doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-058805. Epub 2023 11 30
Public health QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Tuberculosis

Evaluating newly approved drugs in combination regimens for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis with fluoroquinolone resistance (endTB-Q): study protocol for a multi-country randomized controlled trial.


BACKGROUND: Treatment for fluoroquinolone-resistant multidrug-resistant/rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (pre-XDR TB) often lasts longer than treatment for less resistant strains, yields worse efficacy results, and causes substantial

Patil SB Tamirat M Khazhidinov K Ardizzoni E Atger M Austin A Baudin E Bekhit M Bektasov S Berikova E Bonnet M Caboclo R Chaudhry M Chavan V Cloez S Coit J Coutisson S Dakenova Z De Jong BC Delifer C Demaisons S Do JM Dos Santos Tozzi D Ducher V Ferlazzo G Gouillou M Khan U Kunda M Lachenal N LaHood AN Lecca L Mazmanian M McIlleron H Moreau M Moschioni M Nahid P Osso E Oyewusi L Panda S Pâquet A Thuong Huu P Pichon L Rich ML Rupasinghe P Salahuddin N Sanchez Garavito E Seung KJ Velásquez GE Vallet M Varaine F Yuya-Septoh FJ Mitnick CD Guglielmetti L
Trials 2023 Nov 30; 24(1); . doi: 10.1186/s13063-023-07701-6. Epub 2023 11 30
Bedaquiline Clofazimine Delamanid Fluroquinolone-resistant Linezolid MDR-TB Multidrug-resistant Non-inferiority Pre-XDR TB RR-TB Rifampicin-resistant Stratified medicine Treatment shortening Tuberculosis

Real life condition evaluation of Inoserp PAN-AFRICA antivenom effectiveness in Cameroon.


BACKGROUND: Snakebites is a serious public health issue but remains a neglected tropical disease. Data on antivenom effectiveness are urgently needed in Africa.

Chippaux JP Ntone R Benhammou D Madec Y Noël G Perilhou A Karl F Amta P Sanchez M Matchim L Clauteaux P Eteki L Ndifon M Boum Y Nkwescheu AS Taieb F
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 2023 Nov 08; 17(11); . doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0011707. Epub 2023 11 08

Effectiveness of a community-based approach for the investigation and management of children with household tuberculosis contact in Cameroon and Uganda: a cluster-randomised trial.


BACKGROUND: Globally, the uptake of tuberculosis-preventive treatment (TPT) among children with household tuberculosis contact remains low, partly due to the necessity of bringing children to health facilities for investigations.

Maryline Bonnet Anca Vasiliu Boris K Tchounga Benjamin Cuer Katherine Fielding Bob Ssekyanzi et al.
Lancet Glob Health. doi: Epub 2023 10 30
Tuberculosis Cameroon Uganda

Cost-effectiveness of community-based household tuberculosis contact management for children in Cameroon and Uganda: a modelling analysis of a cluster-randomised trial.


BACKGROUND: WHO recommends household contact management (HCM) including contact screening and tuberculosis-preventive treatment (TPT) for eligible children.

Nyashadzaishe Mafirakureva Boris K Tchounga Sushant Mukherjee Boris Tchakounte Youngui Bob Ssekyanzi Leonie Simo et al.
Lancet Glob Health; doi: Epub 2023 10 30
Tuberculosis Cameroon Uganda